Jackson Wilkey

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Hi, I’m Jackson. I’m a professional YouTube Creator and Realtor.

We’ve sold 300+ homes all free from YouTube, Taught thousands of agents how to do the same, but what I am best known for is running a YouTube platform called the “Channel Junkies” where we teach agents how to build effective YouTube channels that will have clients calling you. In that time, my business partner – Jesse Dau and I have created 13 of our own YouTube channels throughout the United States that all produce significant results.

I believe YouTube is the only platform where the clients get to build a relationship and qualify you before ever picking up the phone to reach out. I believe anyone can learn to incorporate YouTube into their business.

I have over 400 FREE videos teaching YouTube for Realtors but if you want more direct access to us feel free to contact me about our Partnership Program.

The Partnership Program consists of partnering with us at eXp Realty then we give you all of our courses and trainings ($20,000+) for FREE, Zero Costs Zero splits! We have partnered with over 500 Realtors, Brokers, Teams, and Brokerages to take their businesses to the next level but we DO NOT want to partner with anyone who is not willing to put in the work!

It is either a fit for your business or not but atleast you will know! Contact me to learn more!